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3-5 years

We focus on developing the whole child in preparation for Kindergarten. Math and Literacy skills are emphasized in our curriculum along with hands-on experiences, child initiated choice time, small and large group instruction, and social skill development.

We Invest In Your Child's Learning

Knowledge that your child is participating in a Curriculum program that is aligned with the highest quality standards in Early Childhood Education.

I’m a Big Kid Now


A common mantra for this age group!  In this program, your child will be exposed to all the academic skills needed for Kindergarten. These skills create a solid foundation for higher-level learning.

Gaining Lasting Social and Emotional Skills

Imagine your little one making new friends, building confidence with exciting new self-help skills, understanding their own emotions and self-regulation, as well as calm, centered assertiveness.  These skills in independence are important building blocks not only for school success, but also for life.

Days Full of Learning and Fun


Our schedule is designed to engage your child learning in small group, large group, and independent settings.  Each type of setting develops skills in your child that are necessary for learning in elementary school.

Connection, Love, and Acceptance

We teach skills to assist your child with self-regulation, conflict resolution, resiliency, and problem solving. Your child will learn how to become conscious of their emotions, develop composure skills, empathy skill, assertiveness skills, and many more.


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