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12-24 months

You will see your child develop an enormous amount of skills right before your very eyes.

Fun Nurturing Environment

The caregivers at our school will provide your toddler with a loving and caring environment while developing lessons to incorporate FUN!  Singing, dancing, and role playing are just a few of exciting activities your toddler will enjoy daily. The love provided to your toddler will set the foundation for the rest of her development. 

Committed to Enhancing Skills

At our center, quality is demonstrated by our commitment to enhance the developmental skills of your toddler.   These skills range from language, gross/fine motor, cognitive, social/emotional, and independence skills. 

Supporting Great Strides In Self Help

Toddlerhood is the time when your baby begins to grow into a tiny person and begins to show a desire for independence. The toddler teachers support your child’s urge for independence by being supportive to your toddler when using spoons and cups, carrying toys, cleaning up an area, dressing and using toddler size furniture.

Literacy Enriched Environment

Your little one will be thrilled with the toddler-sized library,  standard print models, and dictation hanging at their eye eye level.  These tools, in addition to others, also encourage language development. You will notice your child beginning to say single words to represent basic objects, people, and actions.

Stimulating Learning Centers

Each room is equipped with organized learning centers that stimulate the toddler’s mind. To help satisfy the egocentric personalities of toddlers, an ample amount of toys are available at all times to the children.


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