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24-36 months

Two year-olds are full of energy and love to discover new experiences within their environment.

An Environment That Inspires Exploration

Anything that is unfamiliar to them strikes their curiosity. This curiosity assists with acquiring more mature language skills. Although they love new experiences, their attention span is still very short, so a variety of activities need to be provided to keep their interest going.

Speaking, Singing, and Listening

They will begin speaking in two-to-three word sentences and begin to remember their experiences throughout the day. Learning and reciting simple songs and rhymes are a favorite activity for this age group. They enjoy listening to short stories being read to them, and eventually have a favorite story that they will want read over and over and over again. They may even pick up the book and pretend to read to you!

Physical Growth and Motor Skills


Throwing , catching, and kicking are skills beginning to emerge, but you may notice that children at this age have stiff body movements while trying to accomplish this task. You may notice your child beginning to grip writing tools with their whole hand, but may use their whole arm to make the marks on paper.

Emotional and Social Development

Because two-year olds are egocentric beings and beginning to recognize that they are an individual person, words such as “me” and “mine” are very common. Temper tantrums, outbursts of anger, and physical aggression can be normal for this age group.  It's often not a sign of disobedience, but sometimes the only way they know how to communicate how they are feeling.

A Place of their Own


Our two-year-old room is designed to provide the children with a variety of activities to help stimulate the children’s independence, language, social, gross motor, fine motor, cognitive skills. Children are free to choose the activities of interest to them. Activities such as music, dancing, painting, building, reading, exploring, and pretend play are just a few that are offered to the students on a daily basis. 


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